Rating System

Rating System


Endless Yarning’s rating system ranges from no rating to fives stars in the form of books. We also work in the half star system to portray our rating more accurately rather than the normal full star system. The rating that is given in a review portrays the value of the sum of its parts. For example a five star review given to a book is the rating of it’s plot, characters, world building and so on. Below are all the rating available on Endless Yarning.

No Rating
Half a Star
1 Star
1.5 Stars
2 Stars
2.5 Stars
3 Stars
3.5 Stars
4 Stars
4.5 Stars
5 Stars


In a special case of no rating, this can either mean it is of very poor quality or we don’t know what to rate the item we’re reviewing. We will state in the review which of the latter we mean.

We also like to state that this rating system is only available for Endless Yarning and the use of our images without our permission will not be tolerated. They strictly belong to Endless Yarning and cannot be distributed without the permission of the creator of this site. To gain permission please contact us.

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