The New Endless Yarning!

It’s been a long time coming but it has finally happened, we are now a fully functioning self-hosted website! Thanks to Catherine for all her help and hosting us! The move from Blogger to here was like a roller-coaster of mostly ups than downs. Overall, it’s been the best decision we’ve ever made. You’re probably wondering why we made the big move. Well, basically we moved because WordPress has a easier set up than blogger (even though I despise it’s CSS system). Blogger was restricting, and although I loved tweaking the blog every now and then, it didn’t allow us to make changes we really wanted. Our emailing system was also practically in shambles, although we had a strong following. The problem was what we wanted to send to our subscribers and what was sent were completely different.

We also had a awesome layout and theme on the blog however we couldn’t change the design because of the restrictions blogger had. One thing I found absolutely amazing that WordPress allowed is our new accessibility tool which is now available just at the top of our website. We hope this helps some of our readers as they navigate our new site. Lastly, Blogger made it hard for ‘Blogger Followers’ to actually follow blogs, where as WordPress users just have to click a button or subscribe via email. On that note, we’ll be sending a email to all our followers on blogger and feedburner to keep you all in the loop of our move!

The move also allows us to cater for big events and projects we’ll be hosting, which is a big plus for us! Especially since our goal is to cater for all teens interested in YA all around the world. Additionally, WordPress allows us to cross-post on Tumblr & Medium, which will help us reach more teens! We also have a cool new tool on our website that allows you to highlight words and tweet them!

So now that you’re up to speed with our changes, hello and welcome to the new and shiny Endless Yarning! We’ll still be pumping out Dear YA posts, giveaways, discussions, reviews (from film to books to even products) and twitter chats and new (& improved) things like #SlayYA (YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS YET, SO STAY TUNED) & It’s Lit in the Loop! Also THE PODCAST! Help us reach our first goal so we can post our first episode! Once we reach our goal, we’ll be lowering some tiers! Also, not only are you keeping the podcast alive, but you’re supporting your new fav disabled Black/Indigenous, Pasifika & West Asian teen artist! Just click here to support the podcast and your fav!

Please don’t be a stranger and make yourself at home for the place for all things nerdy and YA! Also:

Grab our cute and amazing blog button!

We hope you love the new site, we sure do. With that, goodbye and stay tuned for all our projects, discussions and reviews! Thank you so much for the support yarners! Don’t forget to subscribe!

With Kindness,


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