They Let Me Write A Book and I’m glad they did Jamie !

They Let Me Write A Book by Jamie Curry

Publication Date: November 5th 2015
Source:Harper Collins
Genre:Memoir (quite hilarious!)
Review at a Glance
   A lot of quotes
   Includes mum and dad
   Great read for a Sunday afternoon

“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Jamie, I’m 19-years-old. I make videos on the Internet, and enough people watched them that they let me write a book. I know. What is life?”


Inside these pages is my life so far, and what I’ve learnt – or haven’t learnt – along the way. Read about my cowboy hat years, the year I dug a big hole, and the time I pulled down my pants at a badminton game.

I’ll tell you my top travel tips (drink water), how to have fun at a school ball (don’t go) and how to be an adult (eat an oyster). And I’ll talk about YouTube, because I suppose that’s what got us into this mess in the first place …

First of all, Jamie Curry is hilarious. She reminds me so much of my friends from New Zealand. I remember discovering her Facebook page when it had just over 3000 likes. I think the first photo I ever saw of her was the photo she re-enacted from a girl from WA called Tayla. It was about parents and sexual scenes in movies. Ever since then, I’ve seen Jamie grow, into a more entertaining and hysterical teen.
When I heard that she was releasing a book into the big wide world, I was curious and excited to find out how Jamie herself interprets how her life has changed. ‘They Let Me Write a Book’ was just a beautifully written insight into her life and world.
At the start, Jamie tells of her life before YouTube. I loved how she talked about her sporting life. It was fascinating to see the transition from sporting all-rounder to internet star. It was quiet interesting. I loved the snippets from her mum and dad, some were hilarious and some were just intriguing; giving us an insight on how extraordinary Jamie was as a child. I loved their inclusion in the book, it’s probably one of my favourite parts of the book. However, my least favourite additions in the book would have to be the quotes dedicated to one whole page from the passages in the book. They’re great, don’t get me wrong, it’s just, there were too many quotes and at some stage I avoided reading them all together. The trolls and haters part of the book shared her views on them and how she’s toughened up from online bullies. Jamie even shares how one person who’s hated her online is now like one her best friends. Pretty incredible. She has such a positive attitude which is just damn straight admirable.
There are some ‘serious’ chapters in here which I quite enjoyed. Especially when she talks about her OCD and how she ‘copes’ with it. She tells us all her crazy rituals and how she does things in a specific way. We also get to know how much she despises big crowds. As a YouTube star, she would get a load of fans wanting pictures and things signed and just her talking about uncomfortable that made her made me want to hug her.

‘They Let Me Write A Book’ also included wonderful photos of Jamie throughout her childhood and teenage years. I guess my favourite memory of hers was the hat she talks about at the very beginning of the book. It was basically with her everywhere she went. I applaud her commitment of never leaving it. Also I urge you guys to cook Jamie’s Neato Burrito from Cooking with Jamie (not Oliver; she has reassures us). It’s pleasantly simple and looks great on like the third of fourth try.

The layout of the book was very different compared to any other memoirs I’ve ever read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was like a scrapbook, but better. The graphics were superb and just great visuals.
To conclude my second memoir review, Jamie never let me down, being insanely hilariously both on video and paper. I loved her honesty throughout the whole book and from it, I’ve really learned why she’s such an awesome person and why she is the way she is.

I would definitely recommend this book for her fans because of the honest and hilarious insight to her life. She doesn’t hold anything back and just spills everything. It’s very enjoyable and just covered in details and facts you never really knew about her. 

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