Brisbane Writers Festival 2015

It’s never too late to talk about my exciting adventure at the Brisbane Writers Festival! Okay, okay, I must admit it’s extremely late, like three weeks late but you should all be thankful that I didn’t keep my memories to myself for YEARS and then decided to spill all the goodness out there in my little corner of the internet.

So moving on with my ever so growing charm (gives a wink and a smirk… not too cheesy though, I am not that creepy… or am I ?!?! … nah I’m not honestly), I’d like to recount my faint (yes faint, heck, I honestly don’t know what I was doing an hour ago) memories of this lovely event.

First of all, I only attended one event out of the hundreds that were going on and this event was the Love YA event (and yes, the debate is finally over and on the day we found out it’s said aloud as Love Ya not Love Y. A. … so many I told you so’s were swapped that day through eye glares).

The event consisted of many authors coming to speak to the public who were willing to listen. But before I go into detail, if you’re one of those people who constantly forget to take their phone off silent mode before you go to bed, then you’re not alone. The event was starting at 12pm and Meleika decided to wake up at that time looking at her phone and wanting to eagerly strangle it and drown it in the toilet, because obviously Meleika couldn’t hear the alarm of “GET UP CHILD TODAY’S THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE” because it was in silent mode…. S.I.L.E.N.T M.O.D.E… Why oh gods of books ? Why did you have to do that to me ? But anyway, I didn’t drown my phone and I got ready and left toward town around 2ish.

The first thing I remember when walking into the library was seeing the one, the only, JOHN MARSDEN. Now for those who are outside of Australia and don’t recognise the legendary name, John Marsden wrote “Tomorrow When The War Began” series which is AMAZING. Like OMG. Ya’ll need to read it and tell me what you think… well you don’t have to because I already know for a fact that you’ll love it because I love it. But yes, I was in the presence of Australian Literature Royalty and I forgot to take a photo of some sort or even say hello, which ran through my mind after the event, with so many if’s.

The next event after John Marsden would have to be my most anticipated author talk by Authors David Burton (How to be Happy) and Eliza Henry-Jones (In the Quiet). Their talk was amazing! I loved it all. David is just a wonderful public speaker as well, like the guy can honestly get the audience laughing and thinking about things. He’s also just honest and I loved the advice he gave to writers who would like their work to be published. Eliza was just genuinely sweet as well, loved her story of trying to get her books published and how she wrote ‘In the Quiet’. It was an absolutely incredible session. Definitely walked away with some incredible notes and to do’s and don’ts.

The last event was the most impressive author talk and one I was also looking forward to, which was Cassandra Clare’s and Holly Black’s question and answer and didn’t we all die a little during that session. So many questions so many answers and so many that I wished weren’t true. First Holly and Cassie played a game of the unofficial name of “Who knows the other better” and weren’t the answers hilarious. I think the outstanding answer from that little game was Cassandra’s about which Holly would rather, a library or a dungeon and she immediately said Dungeon with all her books. The next little game was speed round which Holly gave to Cassandra and it was also hilarious. Then after the floor opened up for the Brisbane Fans to finally ask their own questions and weren’t the answers meaty. One question I must disapprove of however was the spoilery one about Max. I didn’t know guys and now I’m extremely terrified to read further because you know, I don’t want to read the spoiler bit that was announced that night. Continuing on, a question I myself wanted to ask was finally said aloud which was, “Will The Mortal Instruments TV show stick to the books”. The whole library had laughed at Cassie’s immediate answer of ‘No’… and then it was silent and then it suck in… she was not joking people. Here’s a little video of her further answering the question after the whole room went silent with distressed faces.

But yes Love YA was one of the most amazing experiencing ever ! I got these lovely books signed with several others of course !

I also met a heap of lovely people who were all just amazing and incredible in person as they are online. I’ll put links and their accounts below:

Sarah from @treesofreverie
Jeann from +Happy Indulgence 
Brett from @brettmichaelorr
Maddie from @Pasomadie
Sarah from @CommasandAmpersands
Ashleigh from @books-cute-life
Nicola from randomlilreads
Phillipa & Angelya from @teaintheteatrops

But yes, the night was incredible and I walked away with memories which will definitely last forever.


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