Rating System

( From the 20th of September 2015, I have decided to rate books that I review by 'books'. )

The rating system used and implemented in reviews within the blog is very simple and I'm here to interpret all the book ratings for you ! (excluding the half scores).

Never Finished. Was Utterly boring. Rare Occasion that I do finish the book.

Two books mean, it's okay but still very annoyingly terrible. I've finished all two star books.

It was enjoyable but I've seen the story before or it has too many clich√©s. Recommendations will be occurring for these books. They were overall great but could definitely use with some tuning.

This book was amazing and would definitely recommend to everyone ! Very enjoyable but it's something that could have used tiny tweaks that would have made the book untouchable for other authors to reach the same expectation.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOOK ! The characters were extraordinary and the plot was amazing and had me on edge. It was a page turner. I want to live in the book, rereading it forever. All five star books shall stay by my side forever claiming it's own little place in my heart. This book was once a star but fell from the heavans for mortals to enjoy

bye for now xox

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  1. Haha. That's smart to have 6 stars⭐️ Love it. I might have to use that someday:)


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