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Hello and welcome to a small corner of the world wide web, which you all may call your number one stop for reviews of all the latest books in the market. Endless Yarning is dedicated on delivering book discussions and reviews, movie reviews, the latest book events, author interviews and so much more! Endless Yarning is a website that aims to serve all teens from every corner of the world. You can check out the writers for Endless Yarning in "Who's Yarning?" tab.

Endless Yarning was originally The Aus. Library. After a year of great memories, a change in domain and website name felt appropriate as our mission had changed from being a website for Aussie teens to a website accommodating for all teens all around the world. As the creator of The Aus. Library, I felt it was necessary to also change the website name into something I absolutely loved including some slang from my people. Hence why I've ended up with Endless Yarning. For those who don't know, yarning means talking. Which felt fitting for a website where we publish personal articles. So I hope you love this new website look as much as I do!

Lose yourself in the world of books,
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  1. Hello Meleika! I'm Alicia I run a blog at hashtaglovebooks.com
    I love your blog! I just followed you on Bloglovin' I look forward to more posts!


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