SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Meet one of The Aus. Library's co-bloggers!

Friday, 20 January 2017

Hey everyone! In recent months, I've been trying to expand The Aus. Library, trying to include more diverse & marginalised voices. One of those ways I thought I could expand on our community was to create The Squad. Now I have also been looking for more co-bloggers.

As you all know I'm currently a student and last semester I really enjoyed one of my classes for Sociology. It was was in this class that I met a great person and friend, Sophie. Then we also found out that we have a mutual love for books and I thought, why the hell not ask this wonderful human being to be apart of The Aus. Library. So guess what!? She said yes! So in addition to looking for more co-bloggers, I've actually been hiding Sophie away from you all wanting to announce her being apart of the blog when I found the rest of my co-bloggers. But, I couldn't deny you guys meeting such an awesome person, so here she is! Everyone meet Sophie. 

My name is Sophie and I'm super excited to be co-blogging for the Aus. Library. There aren't many nicknames for Sophie other than 'Soph' - but if you can come up with one feel free to send it my way. Most important thing you need to know is that I'm here, I'm queer and I'm ready to talk about books!

First things first, I should tell you a bit about me. I'm 20 (or as I like to refer to it, two decades old) and I live in Australia. Below you can see a picture of my face. Although it isn't an accurate representation of my hair, as it tends to change every month. Right now it's purple!

I have loved books my whole life. Ever since my mother first read to me the riveting and heart-wrenching tale of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. However, it was at the tender age of 12 when I picked up Carol Wilkinson's 'Dragon Keeper' that my love affair with fiction truly began.

I've been writing book reviews for about as long as I've been reading them. I have little blogging experience. However, I have plenty of writing experience so I'm sure I can make up for it.

As for favorites... I fancy myself a good book parent who loves all her children equally. 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' however, has always had a special place in my heart.

I keep this battered old copy close by at all times.

I will also not object to reading absolutely anything written by either Maggie Stiefvater or Neil Gaiman. I love fantasy and mystery, but I'm open to reading anything from horror to biographical stories (which if you're some celebrities, might be considered the same thing).

I tend to be drawn towards stories with strong female heroines and characters of the LGBTQI community - just the result of the gay little heart that beats within my chest. In all honesty though, if it has a good story, sympathetic characters and can make me cry, chances are I'll like it.

I enjoy drawing and Meleika has been kind enough to suggest that I incorporate that into my blogging. To that I say "Yes, of course! Why didn't I think of that?" So as a running idea I'm planning on doing an ink art inspired by every book I read and posting it along with my review. Sound like a good idea? Well we'll find out. You should be able to find some of my previous ink art below.

More on my instagram @the_cat_curiosity_killed

Now for some randoms facts about me:

  • I can play the ukulele and sing. 
  • I am studying a bachelor of professional and creative writing (pretty appropriate huh?)
  • I am a vegan, but I love bad vegan jokes. Here is one of my personal favorites: 
I have never eaten a stick before, but I admit it does look rather appetizing with mustard. 

Well, that's it for me!
I'm pretty keen to get started so I'll say goodbye for now.
Feel free to aggressively (or timidly) talk bookish to me.

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  1. Hi Sophie! *waves* I'm excited to read your posts here, and especially excited to see how you incorporate your art into them! Your ink art is stunning. Also, yay for fellow musicians! :)


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