The Aus. Library presents: Top 5 Villains, the ones we love to hate.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Heroes always get to steal the flashlight. Yes, I thought that saying went like that. No, I am not good with sayings and apparently nor I am with English. That's something you didn't know about me, did you? *clears throat* Let's start again, shall we?

Heroes always get to steal the spotlight.  Heroes are heroes, and therefore, the ultimate protagonists. Nine out of ten times, they get their love interest, they probably get to complete the quest of saving the world and they are likely to find themselves heading toward the sunset in a flying car (please leave a comment if you get that last reference and I'll love you forever, for the curious: here). But do you know who gives the hero the quality of hero? A villain.

Yes, my bookworms or curious people that is simply passing by. The hero becomes a hero only when he is confronted with an antagonist. You might hate villains - or you might have a twisted and totally respectable taste (not really) - and love them. But without them, there's no hero and no story. Without a villain, the heroes are just sitting around and chilling  - maybe netflix and chilling, but that's a completely different discussion.

Villains make the story as much as heroes do. So, why don't we do a little homage? (click on images for source)

Top 5 literary villains. The ones I love to hate.

(or just hate with passion)

Aaron Warner, Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi

Yes, yes, yes. I know what you are all going to tell me. "He's not a villain!" "How dare you!" "He's perfection and my book husband!" Well, he is definitely a villain in book #1. And yes, I might have only read that book, and Warner's character might have peaked at my curiosity  - a lot. But he's the villain. Hot, but still the villain.

Amarantha, ACOTAR by Sarah J. Maas

Well, I guess here there's nothing to discuss. We will all stand for what was done to our beautiful and precious Rhysand. Truth be told, I think Amarantha was a 5 stars character. She was despicable, ruthless and we all hated her with passion. That checks all boxes for a good villain.

Sebastian Morgenstern, TMI by Cassandra Clare

TMI is a widely known and loved series. And I am aware of Sebastian's fanbase. I kind of see his appeal though, after all we all feel the pull to tortured souls. He made it to my top because he had me fooled. TMI was a freaking roller coaster of emotions with plot twists waiting around the corner to give you a heart attack. So yes, Sebastian or Jonathan or the reason why we all thought we might have lost Jace for a moment, I love you because I really really hated you.

Astrid & Athos Dane, ADSOM by V.E. Schwab

Victoria Schwab knows her dark and twisted stuff, and the Dane twins are prove of it. To say I was spooked by them would be an understatement. Is there anything creppier and scarier than evil twins? I don't think so. Plus, I always pictured them like these beautiful, flawless and powerful creatures. Goosebumps, you guys. Also, no one touches my Kell and leaves the world without my hatred.

Cersei Lannister, GOT by George R. R. Martin

Another villain that I seriously seriously love because I hate with passion. But let's face it, how interesting would GOT be without this heartless bi... queen?

What do you think of my love/hate relationship with these villains? Are you there with me or do you hate me a little bit now? Comment away!

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  1. OH MY GOSH I HATED WARNER SO MUCH IN THE FIRST BOOK! And then I adored him to bits by the last book! Great post overall and super cool idea!

    xx Anisha (


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