Friday Feature: Top 10 OZ YA Picks

Friday, 4 November 2016

Hi guys! My name is Mollie and I'm a blogger from I am also an Australian and I bookstagram on @molliethereader and I'm here for your Friday guest post! I'm a very strong supporter of OZ YA books so for today I decided to list my top 10 faves!


1. Akarnae by Lynette Noni:
Fast paced, magical & very addicting book that is about a main protagonist Alex getting put into an unknown world of Medora!

2. The Things I Never Said:
Follows main protagonist Piper who suffers with selective mutism, about her coping with her illness and also having to start at a new school

3. Yellow by Megan Jacobson:
Main protagonist Kirra has been talking to a teenage ghost through an old phone booth. Kirra and the ghost make a pact. This book was so awesome and unique I really loved it! 

4. Betrothed by Wanda Wiltshire:
Is a story of faeries, includes some very cute fictional guys and a stunning new world called Faera!

5. Nevernight by Jay Kristoff:
This book isn't out yet, but it is so worth pre ordering! Kick ass main character Mia is an awesome character to read from. Must read for those that love fantasy books and assassins!

6. What I Saw by Beck Nicholas:
A book of mystery, the schools popular girl witness's something big. Will she defend the right person? Read to find out!

7. Turning Pointes by Emma Freedman:
This book is more of a children's book than YA but it has such a powerful coming of age story that I think a lot of YA readers could relate! A must read for those that love to dance.

8. Our Chemical Hearts:
Also not out, this book is a MUST for all those that love John Green! Quirky characters filled with mystery and adventure this book was really awesome!

9. The Midnight Society by Rhonda Sermon:
Time travel book about a girl with rainbow hair named Cate, this book was really intriguing and fast paced!

10. Frankie by Shivaun Plozza:
Frankie is a sassy, sarcastic and angry character. This book was filled with an intriguing storyline that was very funny and also serious at the same time.

Thanks so much Mollie for featuring on the blog

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  1. Ooh, these are some awesome picks, Mollie! I really enjoyed Akarnae, so I'm happy to see it's on this list! I haven't read most of the other books, but I've heard SO MUCH about them from other bloggers, so they must be amazing! If I had to add one book to this list would be The Yearbook Committee by Sarah Ayoub! I absolutely loved that book, and to me, it's such a great example of how awesome Oz YA is! :D


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