Aussie Bookish Secret Santa is back!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Aussie Bookish Secret Santa Gift Exchange is back! For the second year! How awesome is that! *throws confetti*. Last year was amazing, with participants sharing their gifts on Instagram and Twitter. This year it's bigger and better with new faces on the Moderator Team! We have Sally, Nikki and newbies, Jeann and Danielle. You should definitely check out their blogs and Intagrams!

This year we also have a giveaway for those who participate. You could win another book off your Wish List! So here's the link for sign ups! and then here's the next link about your contact info. You must enter your elfster email and name you used so we know who you are.

Here are some rules and need to know info for this years event:

Must spend at least $20 (including postage) for the Secret Santa gifts and must send all gifts on or before the 3rd of December. Provide your Secret Santa with a wishlist so they can choose what book they'd like to gift you with. Also state if second hand books are okay. At the end of #ABSSGE16 there will be a prize for those who share their gifts through the hashtag and will win another book off their wishlists.

Also provide a tracking number for your parcels or you can order off Booktopia who also provide tracking numbers so you can send them to your Secret Santa! Please send the tracking numbers and your partners name and your own to for the master spreadsheet. Then send your partner the same tracking number to keep them in the loop. Additionally for those who are still wondering, this is only open to Australian Residents. If you suddenly cannot participate or have issues with your Secret Santa, send an email about your concerns to . When you sign up, you give the host, being myself and the moderators, permission to share your details with your santee. No one else. You also give us permission to chase up on how you're doing with the gifts, if you've received them and other exchange related questions. If your santee wants to chase up the gift exchange themselves with you, we a obligated to share your number and additional information so the swap is successful. In signing up you agree to these terms and conditions.

Thanks so much for participating this year guys! Hope to see everyone's gifts !
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