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Monday, 12 September 2016
Hey there you bookish people,

I'm Bayram although people have been known to call me Bae or some variation of that, either one is fine with me! I'm super excited to be one of the new co-bloggers at The Aus. Library and can't wait to shower you all with words about books.

Here's me meeting Kristen Simmons at BEA 2016!
But before all that I should probably introduce myself a little better. While my family is from Turkey (and all my relatives live there) I was born in Brooklyn, NY! We moved six months after so I don't really remember much from there but we moved around a lot for several years until we came to NJ where we've been living for nine years now. 

I started blogging my freshman year of high school (14 years old) because I was already devouring books at an alarming rate so why not also talk about them? I just finished my junior year of high school this year (I'll be 17 in September) and I've now been blogging for 2.5 years at Never Ending Books and bookstagramming (although my pictures are horrible) for three years.

I've been an avid reader since first grade although my tastes have obviously changed over time, these days I usually read YA with occasional MG or NA thrown in. I'm not much for contemporary or romance so I tend to drift towards fantasy or sci-fi. And even though you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover I can't help myself if I see a really interesting or amazing one and usually end up buying the book.

When it comes to a favorite book I simply don't have one, there are so many amazing books that I've read and have yet to read that picking just one is impossible. Instead, I have books that I love like the Throne of Glass books, Lunar Chronicles, and Illuminae trilogy. If I end up liking a book you can expect lots of caps, questions, and yelling.

I'm not sure what else to tell you all so here's some "fun" facts about me:

  • I know two languages (Turkish + English) and can also read Arabic
  • I plan on either doing something science related in college or publishing related
  • I created a club in my high school that collected over 1000 books and $1000 for elementary schools in low-income areas
So with all that over, I can't wait to start blogging at The Aus Library with Meleika and Regi!
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