Co-Bloggers: The New Librarians of The Aus. Library

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The world is a big place and for a teen like me, who’s fresh out of high school and in one of Australia’s elite Universities, my own big world is very busy. So keeping up with the latest book news, trying to read all books and trying to pump out content from a ‘rookie’ book blog is definitely hard. That’s why not long ago, I went far and wide (on the internet from the comfort of my bedroom of course) in search for co-bloggers.

Co-bloggers have always been an idea that I never knew I would act upon, until a couple of months before my year anniversary of blogging on the internet. I’ve seen many book blogs adopting co-bloggers into their family who then work together to make great content. So announcing my search for co-bloggers was pretty exciting but also overwhelming. I had numerous applications from every corner of the world. I had people who’ve never blogged before wanting to gain the experience on The Aus. Library and I had very experienced book bloggers wanting to join in. It was extremely fun reading the answers to the application questions. People had stories and anecdotes. Some people even had sly jokes. It was pretty incredible. Finally, in the end, after so many fantastic applications, two people stood out.

My co-bloggers will be introducing themselves on the blog! So keep an eye out. I absolutely LOVE their personalities, their reviews and love how they interact with the book community. We’re also all over the world and I’m pretty sure they’re all asleep right now so don’t tell them I said this but... these two are the most amazing people I’ve been able to stumble across in the book community. I expect great things in their futures. They’re both humble, kind and funny. Plus, if I could talk about books with them forever, I have no doubt in my mind that you could too. They will make great additions to the blog and are now librarians of The Aus, Library.

Also something interesting to note, does The Aus. Library look kind of strange? Well it should! It's been given it's final makeover! Our new header is simple and unique and complements the Instagram slide just underneath. You'll soon also see other blogger profiles just underneath mine on the right and you can soon also find them under 'The Librarians' tab. We hope you love the new layout and feel of the blog!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you come back to find out who the mysterious co-bloggers are and welcome them with open arms. They'll be posting official introductions! 
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