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Friday Feature - Character Descriptions in Young Adult Novels

Friday, 20 May 2016
Feature Friday is a weekly feature where I let other bloggers flaunt their own opinions or reviews or have them post a discussion about anything and everything. Anyone can feature! This week we have another Feature Friday post, this time by Julia from Picnic Reads!

*If you'd like to do the same, contact me!*

(Disclaimer: All posts are done by different bloggers and I may or may not agree with what they like to post. We are all different people and will share different views and opinions. Everything is open to discussion. If anyone finds anything offensive, feel free to contact me)

Hi Everyone! My name’s Julia and I am so excited to be here on Meleika’s blog to talk to you! A few things to know about me, I am a reviewer at Picnic Reads (, I love tea, beaches, metaphors and contemporary is my favourite genre of books.

My post today is on character descriptions in young adult novels. It’s always important for the reader to visualise your character, but are some of the ways these character descriptions are written, too worn out and hard to read?

This topic came to mind when I was talking with Felicity (an Ex-Penguin Teen Publicist) and some other bloggers. We were talking about how authors introduce what a character looks like to their story. We were saying how some authors can introduce a character’s appearance in such a unique, subtle way, that by the end of the book, you can clearly visualise them, but you can barely remember how their looks were introduced, which is an incredible thing for an author to do. Then we were also talking about other authors that use the dreaded mirror scenes, which is way overused, where the character basically looks in the mirror and repeats what they look like to the reader, (that was the most disliked out of all scenarios.) Or of course we can never forget one either type of character introduction that should never be done, the just out-right-saying it paragraph, e.g. She has brown hair, blue eyes, and is of average height.

I thought that this topic was really interesting, and I started to think about the authors. If they can’t write a mirror scene or just outright say it how do they introduce a characters appearance? So I came up with ways that authors can introduce a character, that wouldn’t annoy me or hopefully you guys either!

Ways to Describe Hair:
1.         The ‘My brown hair is blowing in the wind’
2.         The ‘My hair blends in with the sand/dirt’
3.         The ‘My hair bumped against my ankles as I ran’
4.         The ‘People call me a boy, just because of my haircut’

Eye Colour:
1.       The ‘It was as if someone poured mud into my eyes’
2.       The ‘Her eyes were so blue, I could swim in them’
3.       The ‘If you though grass was green, look into ____ eyes, their you will find true green.

1.       The ‘___ couldn’t fit in the tunnel, but I was like a ninja, ducking in and out of the 1.5 metre tunnel.
2.       The ‘I stood in the middle of the tallest row for school photos, not surprises there, I have always been tall’

Hope you guys enjoyed that. Thanks so much to Meleika for having me here! It’s been great. What do you guys think, do you think sometimes descriptions get too drawn out?

Friday Feature - Our Favourite Secondary Characters

Feature Friday is a weekly feature where I, Meleika from The Aus Library, let other bloggers flaunt their own opinions through reviews or have them post a discussion about anything and everything. Anyone can feature ! If you'd like to, contact me. 

(Disclaimer: All posts are done by different bloggers and I may or may not agree with what they like to post. We are all different people and will share different views and opinions. Everything is open to discussion. If anyone finds anything offensive, feel free to contact me)

Hey, everyone! We’re Sarena and Sasha, authors and book bloggers @ The Writing Duo! First off, we’d like to thank Meleika for letting us be featured on her blog for the day (she rocks!). Today, we wanted to talk all about some of our FAVOURITE characters in literature… and guess what? They’re all secondary characters! Let’s begin. 
  1. Fred & George from Harry Potter. This one’s pretty obvious—we’re twins, we love twins in literature, and the best pair we’ve come across is definitely Fred & George! They’re just so hilarious and funny, how could you not love them?
  2. Simon from The Mortal Instruments. Okay, Sarena hasn’t read this series, but I (Sasha) LOVE Simon! Like, seriously, he’s my fave character in TMI. He’s just so funny and awesome! A few other side characters I love from TMI include: Izzy, Magnus, and Alec—even though they could still be considered a part of the *main* cast. J
  3. Kenji from the Shatter Me trilogy. Again, a side character who adds the perfect amount of humour to the story. Plus, he has SUPER awesome powers (we won’t divulge for those of you who haven’t read the series!)
  4. Nic and Ashur from the Falling Kingdoms series. This is a series where you’ll love a character in one book, then hate them in the next. In this series, we definitely grew to love Nic, and Ashur was instantly pretty interesting. These are two side characters who have some interesting lives, we might add!
  5. Seneca Crane, Cato, Joanna, Beetee, and Wiress from The Hunger Games trilogy. These are side characters we came to love (either because of the book OR the movie). We could *technically* add Finnick here, but we really hated him in the books, and grew to care for his character a lot when re-watching Mockingjay Part 1 & Part 2. GAH. The struggle.
  6. Newt from The Maze Runner trilogy. Another awesome side character who we couldn’t help but fall in love with (especially because of the films. THAT BRITISH ACCENT THO.)

And that’s all! Thanks again, Meleika, for featuring us on your blog.

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Instagram: sarenasashabooks

Hello and Welcome to The Aus. Library + Giveaways that'll blow you away !

Monday, 2 May 2016

Hello, Hello and welcome to Endless Pages 2.0, or better known as, THE AUS. LIBRARY! I’ve been contemplating the change for a thousand years and yesterday I decided to initiate the change after the idea of a new clean slate was floating in the air and roaring. I mean, come on, you cannot ignore roaring ideas, they DEMAND ATTENTION. They are attention seekers.

Anyways… Welcome. Treat this as your second home… which isn’t real but virtual. So basically a virtual second home… like the Sims (?). I’ve put in a lot of effort to make it look pretty (because pretty blogs are well pretty blogs) and try to make it more accessible and simple for other readers to read, comment and explore!

I’ve kept my ‘grid’ theme going on but I’ve also implemented a typical ‘blog feed’ for readers to scroll through. I've also introduced a new commenting system on the blog so it's easier for anyone and everyone anywhere to comment and add their own opinions on the blog.  However, within a couple of weeks, I’m hoping to COMPLETELY redecorate the blog, including the header and images. So change is still occurring and I hope you stay and experience the change with me! I'm also having a BULK UPLOAD of bookish designs in my Book Merch stores on Redbubble and Society6 and having a REP SEARCH soon! I'm also announcing my small business that'll open soon in the coming weeks because I'm slowly getting everything ready when I go live.

Anyways... in celebration of well, change, I’ve decided to extend my ‘twitter/instagram’ giveaway to the 23 of May and up the anti with the winner receiving a book of their choice worth $22 AUD from the book depository or any other site with free shipping. 

Plus if you REALLY WANT TO WIN I’ve included more ways to win in the rafflecopter below.

I also have ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! Thanks to Walker Books Australia, I’m able to give away 2 CITY OF BONES BOOKS with a redesigned cover to go with the NETFLIX SERIES! You can enter through Instagram or for more entries you can check the second rafflecopter just below. (THIS ISN'T INT THOUGH, SORRY!). 

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Some Rules; 1. No Giveaway accounts 2. No fake entries 3. I nor the publisher are responsible for lost mail 4. I cannot assure the book/s will be delivered in pristine condition 5. I cannot order a replacement if books are lost or damaged 6. Winner has to contact me in 48 hours to claim their prize 7. The first giveaway is in AUD and may or may not experience change in value as the AUD may rise or fall 8. All addresses and information are confidential 9. If you are under the age of 18, I am not allowed to share names/handles with the public without your permission 10. I have no control on delivery dates of book/s, so do not ask me when or why the books haven't been delivered *insert date*.

THANKS AGAIN GUYS FOR BEING AMAZING! I wouldn’t be on this lil journey of blogging without you! Without your support and also random acts of fangirling (and kindness) I wouldn’t be continuing and loving it! You are all amazing! So, thank you!