Nefarious Tales: Why Everyone Needs a Villain in their Life!

Monday, 25 April 2016

Villains. What peculiar beings (I am so going to over use the word peculiar this week because I’m currently reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.) They’re fantastically evil. However, they’re very much dislikely to be, well, liked; For the pure reason of ripping our hearts out and stomping on them into mush and slime, maybe even eating them just out of plain curiosity. Villains don’t really scream “LIKE ME!” it’s more of an “I will bite you… and kill you with my pinky”… in a snape voice, kind of vibe. But, villains are ALWAYS underappreciated and they deserve love (to be clear, love as in loving the sinner not the sin… because I love people who don’t want to kill other human beings. J )

So here a just a few reasons why everyone needs a villain in their life.

  • The very obvious reason is because most villains are so damn fine. We have Mystique, Cat Woman (who kind of is an ‘gray’ villain), Rhysand (ACOTAR), Warner, The Darkling, Loki and SO MUCH MORE !
  • They remind us about how awesome we are. Like heck does anyone else just appreciate how human they are compared to villains or is it just me?
  • Villains a lowkey amazing at teaching kids values and morals. For example let’s say a Villain back chats a big green dude and basically taunts the dude and the dude decides to fights back. The Villain is teaching us that you shouldn’t back chat green dudes, like come on Loki, Hulk is Hulk, how could you not see that beat down coming? But in all seriousness (wait, I will never be serious), Villains show us the reactions to terrible, awful, putrid *adds all synonyms to horrific* actions making sure that none of us do them in reality.
  • Villains also sometimes turn out to be the good guys! Teaching us about forgiveness. In addition, even if they don’t turn out to be good guys, they have a moment of clarity, one moment to redeem themselves and this is so worth reading about. But also that when Villains turn out to be good they’re also 100x more sexy. ;)
  • They make great dart board pictures. Or just something to take your anger out on. This is why we all need Mrs Umbridge, because we all need someone we despise with all our heart to take out every ounce of anger onto. She was only created because of this imo.
  • The complex origin stories of Villains is AWLAYS something I consider to be worth a read. We get an insight of how their mind works and why they are the way they are.

These are only 6 reasons why we DEFINITELY need villains in our lives! Can you think of anymore? Comment below and tell me!

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1 comment on "Nefarious Tales: Why Everyone Needs a Villain in their Life!"
  1. They are existed because they balance the universe, there could be good and evil. Sometimes villains are sweet and sometimes handsomes even if they show evil lol


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