Friday Feature #4 - Asian Representation in YA

Friday, 11 March 2016

Feature Friday is a new meme by yours truly, Meleika from Endless Pages, where I let other bloggers flaunt their own opinions through reviews or have them post a discussion about anything and everything. Anyone can feature ! If you'd like to, contact me. 

(Disclaimer: All posts are done by different bloggers and I may or may not agree with what they like to post. We are all different people and will share different views and opinions. Everything is open to discussion. If anyone finds anything offensive, feel free to contact me)

Today I'm featuring Claire from Blank Slaters Reads ! She is such a lovely person and I hope everyone gets to know her! 

Hey guys! Meleika was super kind and let me do a guest post on her lovely blog! You probably don’t know me, I’m a newer blogger. My name is Claire and I blog over at BlankSlaters Reads! Some things to know about me is I am a lover of love triangles, my favorite YA series is the Throne of Glass series, and I hate tea. I’m probably part of the 2% of Asians that hates tea.

Now, onto the actual post part. I’m asian, chinese to be specific and I want to talk about Asian Representation in Young Adult Novels. Meleika actually gave me this discussion topic. Anyways, I want you to think real hard about how many asian characters exist in YA.

Here’s a list of the first asian characters that come to mind.

  • Jie, Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard
  • Lara Jean, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han
  • Tomohiro, Ink by Amanda Sun
  • Park, Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
  • James Carstairs, The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

THREE YOU GUYS. That’s all I could think of. Do you know how sad that is? I can’t even believe that. I can agree that diversity has become a bigger part of the YA book community, with more LGBT books and variation of races, but that’s not the point. I personally think that Asian...shall I say representation? is something that needs to be more included in YA.

To be honest, I really don’t know why the asian race isn’t represented better in YA. I really can’t. But I could guess that maybe it’s along the lines of that debut authors look up to the authors that created characters lacking diversity and when the time comes to write their own characters, they write a cookie cut character!

As a blogger, I write shorter but sweeter discussion posts. Why? So you guys have room to add in what you think about the whole matter in general. If I were to write 600 words worth of discussion, well - I probably covered everything you might have to say. So what do you think of asian representation? Do you agree that we need more of it? And can you name any other asian characters in the world of YA?

Thank you Meleika for having me on your blog! This is my first guest post ever so this was a very fun experience! Bye guys! :)
2 comments on "Friday Feature #4 - Asian Representation in YA"
  1. Oh my goodness! I was actually thinking of this feature a few months ago but felt like I needed to read more Asian YA books, which is, in a lot of cases true that there's not much representation, may it be Eastern Asian, South Asian or a Southeast Asian like me. It's a rarity and I suppose it also has to do with the number of YA authors who aren't necessarily Asians. It's a process to do representation and it's an absolute challenge! I love this discussion a lot! Let's stay hopeful that there'll be more of us in books in the future! <3

  2. First of all, I enjoy love triangles too (when done well) so yay for that!! :) And I have to say, I TOTALLY agree that we need more Asian representation in YA. I couldn't think of ANY before I read your list. That's pretty sad. Let's hope more are in our future!! :)


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