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Saturday, 5 March 2016

A Tangle Of Gold

What a beautiful novel to end the stunning, Colours of Madeline trilogy. The book wrapped the series in a beautiful fashion, with hints of comedy, action and some mind boggling concepts all woven throughout the book making it my favourite book out of the series (with the second book being my second favourite now). 'A Tangle of Gold' also has a stunning cover, if not one of my favourite covers! It's just screams 'take me everywhere, show me to your friends. Take photos of me. All the time. Everywhere!"

The Colours of Madeline was an awesome series. A refreshing concept on fantasy and world building – literally, I love how Cello is different to other worlds I’ve read about and compared to the other fantasy worlds, Cello really stands out.

To those who may have been sceptical on picking up the series before, I am here to tell you to pick up the first book and fall in love with Madeline and Elliot and the world of Cello. The first book is an easy read, as it’s very addictive, making you want to read more after finishing it. The second book slightly dwindles this addiction as it pulls you deeper into the world Jaclyn has created.

The first two books were very enjoyable with me loving the series (and Jaclyn) more after each book. The third and final book ‘A Tangle of Gold’ really delivered and was very thought out. The book is told in 3 perspectives; we get Madeline, and Elliot and then we get more of Keira. I liked her in the previous book, but in ‘A Tangle of Gold’ she is now just a precious character. I love her to pieces and just admire her so much. (I’m honestly hoping for a novella of some sort or even an exclusive scene told in her perspective because I love her ‘voice’ so much)

Jaclyn just blows you away in ‘A Tangle of Gold’ with plot twists that we never see coming (well, I never saw coming). She will have you going “ooouu” and “ahhh” and she changes your mind about so many things and then you change them again because of other facts and twists that are revealed.

Jaclyn Moriarty is a simple genius, a wordsmith and possibly even a wizard. She has written a book – a series - that has such a great plotline. I adore this series so much fellow readers. I wouldn’t mind raving about all the time if I could. ‘A Tangle of Gold’ was really just a perfect book. Everything became ‘full circle’ and we learnt so much more about the colours.

It’s quite surreal to see an ending, a final book, for the colours of Madeline series. It was a wonderful journey to see the vast characters grow, especially Madeline and Elliot. I will adore these two so much and their slow burning love. Their relationship and characters were things that I adored about the two. Holly’s humour was wonderful and I kind of wanted more Corrie-Lyn. It’s tremendously sad to say goodbye to all these characters.

In conclusion, The Colours of Madeline series is a must read as I think it’s one of the most well-written and beautifully thought out fantasy series out there, if not one of my all-time favourite series as well (alongside The Infernal Devices). I hope to read more of Jaclyn’s books as this series was very addictive. I will reread the series again later on in the year because I never want to leave the world Jaclyn has created. I've given the final book 5 stars

Follow the rest of the blog tour ! Also thank you Pan Macmillan Australia for the review copy. I absolutely adored this series !

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