Friday Feature #2: Reading a Book at the Perfect Time

Friday, 12 February 2016
Feature Friday is a new meme by yours truly, Meleika from Endless Pages, where I let other bloggers flaunt their own opinions through reviews or have them post a discussion about anything and everything. Anyone can feature ! If you'd like to, contact me. 

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Today I'm featuring Gwen ! She usually blogs at The Book Lounge

Reading a Book at the Perfect Time

Hello my name is Gwen and I usually blog at The Book Lounge ( Today I wanted to visit Endless Pages and talk to you about something I saw on YouTube. If you don’t know I run both my blog and a YouTube channel as well as almost all the other social media outlets.
So let’s discuss reading a book at the perfect time.

I’ve known about this phenomenon for as long as I’ve been a reader, but it’s not something I consciously think about each time I pick up a new book to read. Plus, I know that anything we do, say, think, etc. is all a part of how we were raised, our life experiences, our hopes, our dreams, based on our religion, all of our cultural aspects that make up who we are as people.

I think it helps to know that about a reviewer before you take what they say in their review as fact rather than their cultural influences or life experiences. Let me give you a couple of examples.

Example #1

Maybe you’re reading about a girl/woman who stays in an abusive relationship even though we as the reader are screaming at her to leave him and run for the hills. It can be a hard situation to read about, but it’s real life. That stuff really happens. Sadly, I know from experience. So while I won’t go into more details about my personal situation it’s safe to say if I see that in a book I can relate.

Example #2

Ahhh the love triangle. Everybody hates that trope. But it’s a real one. Maybe it hasn’t happened to you and maybe it hasn’t even happened to anyone you know, but again speaking from personal experience a girl/woman can feel the pulls of attraction to two different people at the same time. In all honesty both are probably horrible choices, or at the very least there is a “better” choice, but the girl/woman will be so close to the situation and wrapped up with it that she won’t be able to see that.

I could give tons of other examples: the fairy tale ending (also true life), the miscommunication trope, instalove, etc.

So what’s the point in knowing all this? The point is that not all books will hit home with the reader at a given time in which they choose to read a book. In fact, it might never be the perfect time for that person to read that particular book. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t right for someone out there. So instead of taking things that the reviewer says and bashing their opinions maybe step back and think I wonder why the said that? Or, I wonder why they feel that way. Reading is a very personal experience and I often find more critical reviews helpful to me as a reader.

The next time you run across something in your reading that you don’t like I promise you it’s ok to put it down and pick up something else to read. It took me a long time to be ok with not completing a book, but that’s a story for another day.

If you’d like to add to the discussion feel free to leave it in the comments below or find me on Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat @lavendermud.
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