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Thursday, 28 January 2016

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                Title: This Raging Light
                Author: Estelle Laure
                First Published: Jan 12th 2016
                Publisher: Hachette Children’s Books
                Source: Net Galley


Can the best thing happen at the worst time?

Her dad went crazy. Her mom left town. She has bills to pay and a little sister to look after. Now is not the time for level-headed seventeen-year-old Lucille to fall in love. But love—messy, inconvenient love—is what she's about to experience when she falls for Digby Jones, her best friend's brother. With blazing longing that builds to a fever pitch, Estelle Laure's soulful debut will keep readers hooked and hoping until the very last page

My Thoughts

This Raging Light was a roller-coaster of mixed emotions. I found it interesting on how Lu, the protagonist, was trying to handle all of her problems. She basically had to support her younger sister and try to become a role model for her (which wasn’t going well in the second half of the book).

I don’t really know how to write this review in one whole go (as in paragraphs that flow) so here are my separate thoughts on the book.

The Romance – Was it really necessary? I mean it’s one of the major plot lines, but I didn’t like it at all. Digby is a great guy, but that chemistry that was introduced in the book between him and Lu was unenjoyable and just hard to swallow. The fact is, that I don’t understand the longing Digby has for Lu. They’re great friends, but the guy has a girlfriend. I was majorly confused. But this wasn’t the only plot line that kind of put me off.

Eden – I never understood why she stopped talking to Lucille. Like yeah, she went psycho one night, but Digby came back, why didn’t she? In general, her character was interesting. I didn’t love her but I didn’t hate her too. She was complex and I wish I could pick at her brain and see what her thoughts really were.

Wren – She was what saved the book for me. That little girl was my heart. It was unbearable to see her go through the things she did. I wanted to know so much about Wren, what she was thinking, why she was thinking that and what conclusions she had made. She was the soul of the book, she gave it life. Without Wren I don’t think I would have finished the book.

Lucille – Again a love hate relationship with the main character. I liked Lu, but once that urge for Digby was introduced, I couldn’t stand her. Her feelings toward him was never really explained it was just “she has a crush on Digby” and that’s it. Like the book was basically saying “Just embrace it and don’t ask why she liked him and when she liked him”. (There are some details about her feelings towards Digby but nothing really in detail and great enough to prove that this was ‘love’). I felt no real authentic chemistry between Digby and Lu until the very final pages. The rest of the time it just felt like they were lusting for each other.

The book had too many plot lines. I get this is the point of the book, that Lu’s life is messy, she has so many problems right now, hence the different plot lines, but it was just too much for me to try and concentrate on one plot line whilst another came out of nowhere. Like I had to go back and reread pages because sometimes it was just too confusing. Overall, the book was interesting, I really liked the first half of the book when we get to know Lu and Wren and see how their life is like. That was enjoyable. That was what I wanted to continue on reading about but then it kind of went downhill after that. The ending was quite good as I like endings that keep you guessing and is open to discussion (if it’s done well).

Writing this review is hard, because I really don’t know where I stand on the rating spectrum. I mean this book is definitely a 3 star book. But that, for me doesn’t really categorize the book properly. Even if I go higher or lower, to me those would be invalid ratings. But I’ll just stick to the 3 stars for now.

The Verdict

2 comments on "This Raging Light Review"
  1. It's worth the read. I did love the very first half of the book. The characters were okay and their development was going great. You get real clingy toward Wren. She really makes the book for me. But after halfway the MC becomes very unlikeable in my opinion and alot happens. But the ending kinda summed it up for me so the book was okay.

  2. Ooh, great review! I agree, too many plot lines can be distracting, even unnecessary, but I'm really glad you were honest about it! I was planning to read it because of its gorgeous cover, but I'm not that intrigued anymore...maybe someday!

    -Alice @ Arctic Books (


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