Esther Dalseno's Gabriel and The Swallows Cover Reveal !

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

It is time to release the cover of the second novel of fellow Aussie, Esther Dalseno’s Gabriel and the Swallows. It’s beautiful and another timeless cover that will compliment her first book Drown (February’s Indie book of the month) on my shelf.


Here's a smaller version if the resolution is too big or too small.

ISN’T IT BEAUTIFUL ???? Gabriel and the Swallows is apart of the Volatile duology. Here’s a snippet of the synopsis from goodreads to get you extra excited to own this baby.

A lonely farm boy.
A girl with swallow’s wings.
An ancient city buried in a volcano.
A mystery old as blood and bone.

There is more to Gabriel than the life he’s ashamed of – the son of peasant winemakers, bullied relentlessly on account of his disabled mother. For Gabriel has a secret: the elaborate dream world he descends into at night – a grandiose, vivid existence – is becoming more real than his waking life.

Everything changes for Gabriel when he rescues a wounded creature – a miraculous girl with swallow’s wings – from the voracious pursuit of Alfio Gallo, a dangerous old enemy. Aided by the beautiful and mysterious Orlando Khan, Gabriel is conflicted by unanswered questions: who is the Dark One that dwells in the medieval tunnels beneath their city? Is he just a figment of Gabriel’s powerful imagination? And is the foundling really who she says she is?

Doesn't sound exciting ? Comment below with your thoughts of the cover and if this book just screams your name ! Thanks for stopping by,
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  1. This is freaking beautiful!! I haven't heard of this, but it definitely interests me :) Thanks for sharing

    Jumana @ Books by Jay
    PS, I'm a new follower of yours♥


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