Bookstagram Awards 2015

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Hello everyone and welcome back to Endless Pages. Today I finally get to announce a project I’ve been working hard on and that’s the Bookstagram Awards.

I have recently gotten into booklr (the tumblr book community) and I found out that they have the Booklr Awards and I was like “Bookstagram should have the same thing”. So here I am, giving everyone the opportunity to showcase and share their favourite Bookstragram accounts.

Here are the categories:

The Ultimate Bookstagramer
The Underrated Bookstagram Account
The Best Book Recommendation Bookstagram
Kindest Bookstagrammer
Bookstagrammer with the most Style
Cutest Bookstagram Friendship
Bookstagram Fangirl of the Year
Bookstagram Fanboy of the Year
Bookstagrammer with the best Captions
Bookstagrammer you have Book Envy for
Sassiest Bookstagrammer
Most Hilarious Bookstagrammer
Best Blogger on Bookstagram
Best Vlogger on Bookstagram
Best Reviewer on Bookstagram
Most Interactive Author on Bookstagram
Best Bookish Merch

The voting will close on January the 2nd and the Semi-Finalists will be announced on the 3rdThe Bookstagram Awards is all in the name of fun. It’s a great way to show your love and support for the bookstagram community.

To start Voting click on the link below (the survey also has a lot more info)

Thank you for joining me on the first ever Bookstagram awards. 
2 comments on "Bookstagram Awards 2015"
  1. Can you tell your followers about the awards and ask them to consider voting for you? I love the idea. I've seen it done a lot in fan accounts but I love how you have made this for bookstagram :)

  2. Good luck with the bookstagram awards Meleika! There are just so many amazing accounts on there and I love discovering more.


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