Winterians Assemble !

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Winterians Assemble !

So after a very late notice of this actually existing, I've decided to enter Sara Raasch Autumn competition, Join the Blizzard ! I've basically had a day and a bit to create my entries because I was getting ready to go back to school (which was today and it was very very hot... I think it was 36 degrees), studying to remember content before going back to school and contemplating about my future... because University Applications for early birds are closed but luckily, I applied and don't have to pay triple to what the original price was. But yeah, I'll stop rambling about that and get to my entries.

Just to let you know, I am not a skilled artist (lol) or graphics designer (one day I'll be, one day... obviously self taught that is). I have my own way of seeing art. To complete my creations for the competition in the short amount of time that I had, I was given a list of challenges from friends. The challenges were fun ! I never expected it to be fun because I was utterly terrified that I'd analyse my work too much then throw it away. I'm glad I have awesome friends who have given challenges that made me laugh and love my own pieces of art. 

The very first challenge was draw something in 30 seconds ! and man was I panicking. This was the challenge I was most scared of... because I knew deep down I would fail haha. But I like how it turned out, because it was only a 30 second drawing. So here it is below, a drawing of the adorable Theron... I tried guys ahaha

Then next challenge was also a time challenge ! I had two minutes to draw a character from Ice Like Fire and I wasn't allowed to lift my pencil. This challenge required so much effort because to hide that you didn't lift your pencil, you had to press on the paper real lightly so it wouldn't look like big scribbles everywhere. Here's my challenge #2 artwork of Meira.

Challenge #3 was draw an outline of a character and colour it in.. multiply times ! So I drew the outline of the swoon worthy Theron

Then I printed out two copies to colour them in differently... I used watercolours for this challenge (Just a fair warning... no matter how I take these photos, these images can never define how beautiful these watercolour pieces are) I've also included two pictures of the red version because I so wanted you all to see my blending technique that was happening in half the drawing on the robe but my hands shadow is covering it.. the second image you can kind of see the ripples of the robe.

Challenge #4 was Make me Feel Feels.. and I had 15 minutes to complete it and here is a sad Meira.... This is my favourite watercolour piece I have ever created... you all need to see it in person because as I said before the water colour images do not give the picture enough credit on how beautiful it really is !

Up Next are my graphic designs ... which I will eventually make into iphone wallpapers making it available for everyone to download. But before I show you those here's a link to my previous wallpaper designs... which I also would like to enter into the competition! Just click the previous link and you'll find the page. Playing with photos is very addictive but I've tried to cut down on the number of graphics I was entering and decided to enter these 3 below !

To end my competition entry... you may have noticed that I haven't really well, included much content from Ice Like Fire in my entries, this is because I cannot give away spoilers in any shape or form because I've actually read Ice Like Fire. It was super hard not to include some epic quotes from the book in my entries but I just couldn't. But I could however pick quotes from the first 100 pages because it was available to the public (which I also found out about only a day and a half ago). So enjoy ! .. before I become super anxious about my drawings and delete them ahaha.

Oh and Thanks so much for the opportunity Sara ! Made my night when I found out about the competition !

Now I dare you guys to complete the same challenges I have ! Go!
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