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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Ten Reasons Why I Quit on Lending Books Out

I love books, you love books, that's the reason why you're reading this. We have something in common. I use to share my love of books regularly by letting friends and family borrow out my books, because who am I to say no to someone who wants to experience the same love I have for books; who am I to say no to someone who wants to escape reality via books; who am I to say no to someone who want can't afford books. But now I know who I am... A Hero ! Protecting my books is like second nature so not seeing other people apply that toward my books hurt. 

So here a a 10 Reasons why I've quit on lending books out and proclaimed myself as the Wonder Bibliophile (and yes that is my delightful superhero name)

Reason 1: 

Because my books become water damaged. That's right folks, every time I've handed a book out, those precious babies come back to me wet... or just soaked in a mysterious liquid that I'd personally like to keep mysterious.

Reason 2: 

People never give them back. Like. Never. I still have 3 books that I can remember off the top of my head that have been loaned ages ago and still haven't gotten them back.

Reason 3:

Friends lose them. I don't even know how that's possible, if you're taking a 25cm hardcover book that's orange, Ebony... Like come on.

Reason 4:

Here in Australia, books are expensive at bookstores. Like one paperback can cost someone $16-$20 with the hardcover versions ranging from $25 to $45. Books are cheaper online and at big chain stores, but they have a smaller range of books plus, bookstores are easier for me to get my supply of books because I don't have to wait for delivery and I can actually read the first two pages to see if it's interesting. So if you ask for a book I'll be like

Because I don't want to waste $40.

Reason 5: 

I currently don't have a job :(. I've been busy as it's my senior year so I've had no 'social' life. My senior co-ordinator said there are three lives you have in senior year, social, study & personal. One of them shall die. So I killed my social life. Thus meaning I couldn't get a job in turn earning money which would have meant I'd have spare cash to buy books (or replace them). Plus having a job collided with so many things right now and I just couldn't risk it.

Reason 6: 

People doggy ear my books..... I don't hate, but I dislike doggy ears. It irritates the heck out of me. Like no, I did not save up change from every small ayran from the last 3 weeks to buy a precious gorgeous book for over $20 to have them doggy eared. no. You shall no pass... into my room and grab a book.

Reason 7: 

People don't understand that I do not like bent covers. People throw my books into their bags and then take them out all scrunched up like they've been through a war within the bag. Like, be responsible and take care of my book/s please.

Reason 8: 

This has only happened once... but I shall never forget. I shall talk you all through my traumatic experience. I bought a book. On the same day, a friend asked to read it during school. I said yes. When she returned it I read it that afternoon. I was reading it for a while until I was nearly finished and I turned to the last page... and there was no last page. The page was ripped out... Gone. Like it never existed. The next day, my friend, never existed to me.... lol but no, she said she accidentally wet it, and ripped it out to dry and then forgot to tape it back in... I honestly laughed the situation off because it was so ridiculous... We ended up taping my book back together.

Reason 9:

Because some people will hate my OTPs... and then I shall never give them a book again... because I shall hate them for it MWAHAHAHA

Reason 10: 

When I let someone borrow a book... they sometimes let someone else borrow the book and then it's this never ending cycle on who has my books ?? 

So, that's my crazy list on why I've quit on lending books out.... for now.

Comment below if you can feel my pain.

12 comments on "Top Ten Tuesday #2"
  1. That's a word that is hard to say... No... like I'm just too nice ahaha

  2. These are all fantastic reasons why to not loan out books. When I was around 14, I unintentionally ruined a book I borrowed from a friend. When I returned it she kind of just looked at me like "seriously?".
    She didn't ask me to, but I replaced the book for her, since I did kind of demolish it and I felt bad. So I don't loan out books because I fear there's going to be some kind of cosmic book Karma thats going to get back at me.

    My TTT:Marie @ Pages to Explore

  3. OMG, I feel you. When I lend out my books I never, ever, EVER get them back. It's so ridiculous. And when I remind them, they actually remember but they still don't return them. What the heck?! I also really hate it when I get food or grease stains in my books. So I tell people explicitly that I won't lend out my books. EVER.

    WOW reason 8 is TERRIBLE! If somebody water damaged my book and then TORE it out to dry, I would make them buy me a new copy. You can't just get it wet, rip it and then TAPE it back. It doesn't work like that. I feel so much rage on your behalf right now.

    1. DAHAHAHA do they do one of those ones where they say "Oh, I'll bring it tomorrow sorry" and tomorrow comes but your book never does ? and yes... I honestly didn't know what to feel there was so much awkward eye contact that I decided that was enough and I just wanted my last page back... it was that wierdest thing I honestly witnessed someone do... like wouldn't you dry the book with the page still in it ?

  4. Hee, love the SPN gifs. Me + books is a bit like Dean + Impala...

    1. Hahaha, I love them too... and Dean is a babe

  5. This is a great list! I confess I dropped a book my husband loaned me while we were dating in a bucket of water on accident. I bought him a new copy and gave that to him. I felt so bad. It's been twenty years and I still feel guilty about that. I'm always careful with the books I borrow (except that one time). They don't belong to me--why would I not return them in the same condition they came to me? That seems like common sense. I'd never done anything like that before or since. Reason 2 is one of the big reasons I'm very careful about who I loan books to. And some books I won't loan out at all. Oh, I hate it when a book I loan someone is loaned out to someone else without my being asked first! I'm so careful about the books I loan out as it is. I always make sure the person who takes the book knows my "rules". Even then though, some people forget. So, yeah, it doesn't happen often.

    1. First of all thank you ! and second of all yes ! I wish I had friends like you had common sense and returned the book in the same state. Plus I wish people did ask me for permission when they loan out books to other people... it's like, oh, I didn't know it was your book to give

  6. I'm guilty of a lot of these! I'm awful at remembering who the heck has my books! Then I feel bad because I have to ask them repeatedly if they have it or ask them to return it :(

  7. that's a great idea... I should start lending books that I'm trying to unhaul

  8. I LOVE THE GIFS TOO ! >.< I have a pile of books that a new and ones that you can tell have been read by many. I like borrowing out those ones rather than my new/recent ones

  9. I wish I had friends like yours lol but no my friends usually borrow the books for school (ie Macbeth, Hamlet) or books that are becoming/are movies


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