Endless Discussion #1

Friday, 30 October 2015

Is blogging an easy thing ? a hard thing ? Can anyone do it ? My answer for all three questions is, Yes. 

Book blogging, wait no, blogging in general, is a fun addictive hobbie. You can't stop blogging once you give it a try. It's a wonderful experience, knowing that someone,  from anywhere around the world, has read your thoughts about whatever topic you're writing about is actually exciting. I hope I am not the only one who gains this exhilarating thrill with the knowledge that people, actual human beings have read my blog post or better yet, have the courage to post a comment about their own thoughts making me feel awesome. 

Viewers/Readers is basically the best part about blogging, because these people who continuously come to visit your beautiful site eventually become your close friends, people who you will grow to love. I kid you not, once you start blogging, you'll grow an audience who you'll basically adopt as your second family.

Blogging is easy, if the topic you're writing about is something that you are passionate about because the words just spill out of you, tumbling onto your computer screen. This however, to me, is the only easy part about blogging. 

Blogging is hard as well. Hard in a sense of coming up with new content and having the time to write blog entries. As we speak, I'm slightly procrastinating by writing this article to avoid studying for my Geography exam that is in two days about Malaria and its effects in society. What I'm trying to say is that, realistically, if I wasn't procrastinating right now, I wouldn't have enough time in the day to actually sit down and focus purely on a blog post. I just can't. With being a senior student at high school, with random assignments and tests popping out of nowhere, no one in their right mind has the time to efficiently blog, study, eat, sleep and do extra things such as socialise and just having some 'me' time. 

Blogging is also hard when you're over the stage of wanting to post more content. One day, you'll just wake up and you just feel the need to do anything other than blog and this is when you know your blogging 'honeymoon' is over and trying to blog after that will be one of the most energy demanding things ever.

My suggestion on trying to get through this stage is to do exactly what you're doing, don't blog. Have a 'leave'. Have some you time to yourself and continuously remind yourself why you started blogging in the first place and then EUREKA*, you'll eventually find yourself blogging happily again. 

Now, lastly, to answer the last question, yes, of course, anyone can start blogging, it's just up to you on what you blog about. I've interacted with people who have just graduated or are still in primary school who blog about their favourite foods, games and so on. I interacted with different people from all over the world who also blog about my love for books. The blogging community is diverse. The book blogging community is diverse and having you become an addition of the community would be an honour. So don't be afraid and don't you dare hide your greatness and your genius thoughts from us and start blogging today.

*must yell this word out when read.... please... pretty please with some gooey chocolate chip Subway cookies on top ?
3 comments on "Endless Discussion #1"
  1. I completely agree with your post! The blogger community is so diverse and there is something for everyone. Though blogging can be a lot of work at times, I personally find it rewarding and love sharing my thoughts and having conversations with bloggers from around the world. And I, too, am awed that people actually visit my blog and leave comments, it is an incredible thought, as you said in the beginning of your post. Overall, what a great topic!

  2. I love your emphasis on the fact that blogging is both hard AND easy. Blogging is so fun and sometimes it's super easy to write thousands of words......but I think the hard part for me is getting started. Once I'm writing, the writing comes and it's easy and fun and just awesome. But before I start, it's much easier to turn on Netflix haha.

    Great discussion :)

    1. Also, I super love your button down under this! The colors and flowers are beautiful!


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