Aussie Secret Santa

Sunday, 11 October 2015

It's finally here, the first book based Secret Santa in Australia. The sign up forms are here or click this link ( Also a prize will be awarded to one lucky Santa ! You will all go into the raffle to win the mysterious prize. UPDATE: If there is no money raised for this secret santa then sadly no prize can be given out.

Here are some rules:

1. All gifts must be worth $20 (package price included). It is up to you if you decide to spend more than that on your Secret Santa buddy.
2. A tracking number should be provided for each package. 
3. The Secret Santa box is only open to Australian Residents
4. Be considerate. Once you sign up we expect everyone to follow through and provide gifts to their secret santa buddy.
5. If you are unable to follow through let me know here under the subject Secret Santa, so I can tell your partner what is happening.
6. All participants can share their gifts on social media with the hashtag #BSSau15
7. Participants are given the names (initials) and details of the person they'll be buying gifts for on the 18th of November.
8. All gifts should be mailed within two weeks of christmas.
9. Plus it is up to you if you'd like to share your identity to the person you've bought the gift for.
10. You are all given a favourite colour, book wishlist and a fandom so you can personalise your gift. It is up to you on how many items you decide to gift. But everyone should be receiving a book.

Please feel free to donate any small amount ! It'll go towards the wonderful prize and support this wonderful event that will continue from these small donations. 

1 comment on "Aussie Secret Santa"
  1. This is awesome, signed up and so excited! Currently participating in the #OTSPSecretSister and it's been sooo fun!


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