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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The first ever Australian based bookish subscription box was released into the world this month and was the wait worth it !

The YA Chronicles is a Sydney based subscription box business where they send out monthly boxes to other readers who are also inlove with the Young Adult genre.

Every month they send out a book that is just epic, consisting a killer plot, diverse group of characters and great writing, because who wants to read a book that doesn't have all these things ?!

So, this month the theme was 'That Hero Nonsense' and wasn't it an awesome theme ! 

The box included so many bookish things ! The Septemeber Box included:

- A 4GB Avengers USB ! (which I loved the most because I received a Captain America usb... and I love Captain America !)
- A YA Chronicles bookmark
- An Untouchable Bookmark
- A free ebook of Untouchable by S. A. Starcevic 
- A beautiful necklace that stuck to the hero theme (which I will soon link to the etsy store it was from)
- A badge that said 'I am not the chosen one'

and lastly...

My review for the book is here.

The subscription box was here in days which was so surprising and exciting because nothing has ever gotten to me that fast. It was packaged wonderfully and the box protected everything inside of it (even when my little sister sat on it by accident). The little knick knacks that come with the book are super cool and are to die for ! I literally wear my necklace everywhere now. I also love how the books come in hardcover versions. I just really love the box and it's contents.

The YA Chronichles is just a lovely subscription box that ships worldwide and I absolutely LOVE IT ! So don't hesitate to subscribe to next month's box here.
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  1. I loved my ya chronicles box! But thought I would let you know this is actually the 2nd book subscription box to hit Australia :) Foxthings has already released 3 boxes since July. They are pretty awesome as they arnt quite the same as the ya chronicles. They are aimed at reading and relaxing so you get things that will help you relax while reading like tea, hot choc, chocolate, candles, body scrubs etc and each month also contains a book. July was a book you may not of heard of. We got the girl who saved the king of Sweden. August was classic's, we got the great Gatsby. This month is a mee release. We haven't received it yet but I'm 100% sire by the sneek peak we are getting dumplin (same as owl crate!)

  2. I love the concept of a bookish subscription box :) I just wish they would make something like it in Europe, since everything from outside the EU is way too expensive going through customs in Denmark :(
    The things you got in the box look great! :D


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