Ink and Bone - Rachel Caine

Thursday, 24 September 2015

"A new and exciting addition to the world of fantasy that'll keep you up at night"
Title: Ink and Bone
Author: Rachel Caine
First Published: TBC
Publisher: Allen and Unwin
Source: Review Copy Provided by the wonderful people from Allen and Unwin
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Knowledge is Power. Power Corrupts.
In a world where the ancient Great  Library of Alexandria was never destroyed, knowledge now rules the world: freely available, but strictly controlled. Owning private books is a crime.
Jess Brightwell is the son of a black market book smuggler, sent to the Library to compete for a position as a scholar... but even as he forms friendships and finds his true gifts, he begins to unearth the dark secrets of the greatest, most reverted institution in the world. Those who control the Great Library believe the knowledge is more valuable than any human life - and soon both heretics and books will burn....

Hello ! and welcome to another review. First things first, I'd just like to say that the synopsis did not honestly capture my whole attention. Like hmmmm. It was fascinating but not quite intriguing for me to be like, yes, stop reading the synopsis and read the book. But I'm so glad I got past the synopsis because the heavens have blessed me with a book that is so unique and just out of this world.

First of all the world in the book is just epic, like it's incredibly different and it honestly stands out from all the other cliché worlds of the fantasy genre. My feelings towards the Ink and Bone world were the same toward the Hunger Games world; it's awesome but I wouldn't want to exist in it... never ever ever, because I love living, being alive is spectacular.

In the world of Ink and Bone there a automatas, ink lickers, gardas, smugglers, scholars and so much more. I love the titles to each occupation because they're weird and wonderful just like me. 

The characters in the book were just as amazing as the world within the book. Jesse the protagonist is honestly one of the best male perspectives I have read this whole year (maybe even my whole life). The guy is used so much, first by his family then by the library then even by his love interest Morgan. But he's tough and caring and just careful of his surroundings because trust is hard to give and gain within the book. Jesse was just a perfect character. So was his best friend Thomas. The guy was a huge softie. He was huge... and he cared. He kind of reminds me of Jarod in 'The Rest of Us just live Here' by Patrick Ness. Thomas is just a valuable asset to the whole story because he's there for Jesse and for everyone else.

Now Morgan... I honestly didn't get the whole attraction thing at first because it was really quick. But Jesse and Morgan did share secrets and this then made it capable for both characters to trust each other. I just don't know about the attraction really. Compared to the rest of the characters, she's the least interesting to me.

I won't describe every single character so here is a brief summary of each one:
Khalia - A strong, independent teenager, who I thought was going to be Jesse's love interest
Dario - who is admittedly witty and just a great nemesis of Jesse. Their relationship softens throughout the book which really appealed to me and made me want to read more. Even though they continuously banter that they can never be friends
Glain - She was such a awesome chick in my opinion. Just a strong female character.
Scholar Wolfe and Santi - love Wolfe and Santi. This friendship was adorable. I won't go into much detail because of spoilers but, man, you guys will love Wolfe and Santi when you finish the book. 

Finally, I LOVED THE DIVERSITY IN THE BOOK ! So many characters from different backgrounds. I won't go into detail because of spoilers again but one of the traits the book had was cultural diversity. So many kids from different countries, it literally made me smile from ear to ear.

The book was easily a five star book, however because of the little slow start at the book I've deducted half a star. I've given it 4.5 book/star rating. It was an addictive read, making me want more, with Rachel possibly placing me under a spell encouraging me to finish it within hours. I can absolutely tell why she's a best-selling author and I have no doubt she deserves all the praise. I will definitely pick up the next book. It'll be one of my most anticipated reads for sure.

Bye for now xox,
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