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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Yes my dear friends. You heard right. This is actually happening ! I shall be choosing the author of the month ! To be precise the Author who deserves recognition in the month of August 2015 ! I've read four books in total this month which is crazy because of how many exams and assignments I've had to deal with this month. Out of the four brilliant books I've had to choose, wisely, an author who really brought something to the table. Let's call this table the "Table for Champions" because authors ARE CHAMPIONS. THEY'VE WRITTEN A BOOK. FOR OUR ENJOYMENT. THEY DESERVE RECOGNITION. PLUS A NEVER ENDING STASH OF TIMTAMS AND COFFEE OR TEA. 

Authors are amazing people. They are mostly all sleep deprived and basically have coffee in their DNA whilst they are writing a book. They put in a lot of hours guys. ALOT! I'm not talking 1 to 4 hours; I'm talking about 8 to infinity. They are masters at their work and we need to love them so they know we want another of their masterpieces.

So, I'd like to show you guys an author who deserves all the love. She's basically written a book that will forever stick with me. Her book needs to be introduced into the nation’s curriculum. Heck, I invite all countries to put this book into their schools as compulsory readings because it is so good and relates to our generation so much. It is a book written for the people of the present, who are experiencing the changes in technology and the internet. So cue the drumroll…

The Author of the Month is, the one and only, 

Fleur Ferris

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS ! Your book ‘Risk’ is beautifully written and just so relatable. The first page sucks you into the world of a teenage girl who I must confess seems legitimately real.

I’ll try to not give away spoilers, so I’ll have to carefully write this. ‘Risk’ deals with online predators, as most people would call them, but teenagers now days associate these predators with the slang word “Catfish”. ‘Risk’ is heartbreakingly and alarmingly amazing. The book hits you hard, because the events within the book could so occur in reality, which honestly scares me. The romance in the book is so cute and admirable, that it makes you feel giddy most of the time.  As this is not a review of the book, (which will come soon. I promise. You have my word) I won’t write too much.

I just really want to acknowledge Fleur, because she has written a book, (which I'm sure will become favourites to many people around the world) that has touched my heart and showed me the real terrifying dangers of the internet and the dangers of meeting people on it, SIMULTANEOUSLY ! Fleur, you are just amazing. I recommend that you all read her book ‘Risk’. Take the ‘Risk’ and read it. LOL. Yeah, Yeah, okay I’ll walk myself out.

But before I go here are Fleur's social media accounts so you can keep updated and talk about her inspiration for the book.

Twitter: @FleurFerris
Instagram: FleurFerris
Goodreads: Fleur Ferris

Bye for now.

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