Project Almanac (2015)

Tuesday, 30 June 2015
Movie Title: Project Almanac
Release Date: January 28, 2015 (Australia)
Director:Dean Israelite
Running Time: 1h 46m
Genre: Sci-fi thriller 

Plot Summary
When five teens discover a machine that can send them back in time, the possibilities seem endless. But by changing the past, they have threatened the future of our world. Can they undo the damage they have unleashed before it’s too late?

Rating: 4.5/5 stars
OMG! My heart is racing right now ! This movie is absolutely something I didn't expect. Like yeah cool, time travelling, kinda my thing, but the way this movie portrays it is sooooooo AWESOME. 
I like.... want more. I want to find out more about what they're all going to do after the EPIC ENDING. Which was, well, amazing, full stop. I mean it was an incredible movie, with it starting with a Scholarship Recording video that the protagonist, David, sends to M.I.T.. The whole Movie is filmed behind a 'camera' that's I guess hand held. I don't really know what to call it, like it's a self documentary (?) of the teenagers journey.
The acting is spectacular too, with Sofia Black D'Elia starring in it from one of my favourite tv shows 'The Messangers'. (Which has definitely improved in it's plot lately) I love how the romance is this movie isn't like all the other hollywood romances. The romance within the movie is genuine. It's something that real teenagers experience, like the awkwardness of not knowing if the other likes you or not and what's it like trying to impress the other. It's so cute and real that I loved it. Even David's best friends are portrayed as real teenagers, like how they're so into his sister and how they never really well get any closer to her because that's their best friends sister. 
The storyline was just mind blowing, extraordinary and it the camera angles and acting kind of reminds me of one of my other favourite movies, 'Chronicle'. This movie was awesome and I won't regret admitting that I'll be rewatching this baby again just for the fun of it.
Itunes has this baby and so does Google Play.
Bye for now xoxo,
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