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Friday, 26 June 2015
Hello again bookworms,

I've decided to start reviewing Movies as well. This is purely a way for me to get better at movie critiques for my high school subject, Film and TV. I mean I watch as many movies as I read as many books, so movie reviews will definitely be plentiful. So this is just a quick post to share this wonderful news with all of you. Hopefully I'll post a review on New Releases first and a couple of old releases only until 2013. Reviewing new releases will give you an insight on what you're really expecting after you buy a movie ticket at the cinemas. Hopefully I'll be posting up my "Pitch Perfect 2", "Delivery Man", "Spy" and "Inside Out" reviews in the coming days. Thank you again to all my subscribers who will definitely be in for a treat.

Bye for now xox,


P.S. Proofreading my posts is rarely done, so spelling mistakes and odd sentence structures will definitely occur, so please feel free to spot them out for me as I'm really useless at editing.
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