Delivery Man (2013)

Friday, 26 June 2015
Movie: Delivery Man 
Initial Release: November 22, 2013
Director: Ken Scott
Running Time: 1h 43m
Genre: Comedy

Rating: ★★★★★/5

Review: (spoiler/s are marked)

The 'Delivery Man' is such a feel good movie,making you smile from the very beginning. The actors and actresses play their role exceptionally well, with Vince Vaughn, playing our protagonist, a father of 533 (spoiler, now 534 at the end) kids, going by the name of David Wozniak and the alias 'Starbuck'. At the beginning of the movie, we find out about Davids loaning problems, with him owing money to 'gangsters'. (This part of the movie isn't really explained in detail and we never really know who these people are at the end). David has also lost his way in life, with him finally visiting his girlfriend (after god knows how long), Emma, in the fourth scene, which we then immediately find out that she'll be having a baby. His baby. This news doesn't seem to really hit David like Emma expected and well she tells him that she can do it on her own. David implies his support as the babys father but yeah, they just really talk about it.

So the movie is focused really on David Wozniak, after a man breaks into his house and tells him about how his sperm that he donated in his 20's was so good in quality, the company decided to use it more often and then distribute it to all it's customers. David essentially is the father of 533 kids and 128 (I think) of them want to know his identity. But after signing confidentiality contracts, hiding his identity behind his alias 'Star Buck', the kids have no idea how to find him or contact him. So David adventures into the unknown becoming a 'guardian angel' to his kids, secretly visiting them and changing their lives for the best. 

I absolutely loved this movie from start to finish. I loved Brett's (portrayed by Chris Pratt) and David's relationship, how close they are and how they're basically kind of like brothers, like best friends should be (in guy terms). I also love Brett's relationship with his kids, all four of them. It's so hilarious how the kids interact with their father and it just reminds me of how much I still wish I was 7 again. The last thing I really loved about this movie was the character, David. I loved how he changed throughout the movie, with a light being ignited within him after finding his first child. He had so much pride, so much hidden love for his kids that it was just lovely and exhilarating. 

However, the movie had gaps, missing information, parts that should have been more developed. For example, David's debt, how in the world did he owe someone $100,000. Like how ? We never really know. Plus, to who ? I mean they're described as people who drown you, but that's it. We see them once, but that's all. Lastly, why the weed ? I mean, was he trying to grow weed for more money ? for self entertainment and pleasure ? The movie doesn't really explain why this truck driver decides to have a weed plantation in his apartment, but I'm glad that he got rid of it after meeting his biological kids. I would have loved for his loaning problems to be more in detail but overall, the movie was incredible. I can say this will be in my top 20 favourite movies (with harry potter taking the top 6 spots lol).

I would definitely recommend this movie for family nights as its (in Australia) a PG movie. It's great fun and at times, hilarious, showing the joy of what children can bring into someones life.

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